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for NEW X-VISION active led - page updated

The Night Vision Vest One, made in waterproof  and wind-stopper fabric, 100% NYLON with micro-pattern inside, weighing only 63 gr/sqm.

On the outside the Night Vision Vest One has two useful secure pockets with zips and one on the inside that contains the inverter.On the front and back seams are inserted the EL WIRE LEDs, white on the front and red on the back, for designing the user's silhouette.


These LEDs are connected to the power source which is the inverter, this is rechargeable with USB/micro-USB wire included in the equipment, enables several hours of endurance and offers 3 modes of lighting.


On the whole, vest plus inverter, the Night Vision Vest One weights about 170g.



New variant 2020 - added reflex profile in front and back to increase the passive safety

X-VISION Reflex 1

Front view - reflex profile

X-VISION Reflex 2

Rear view of reflex logo and new profile

X-VISION active led - dettaglio
X- VISION front

Front - with two pockets rear the white led,one pocket for controller, reflex tape and adadjustable elastic+ ABS slider


Rear - 8 red led, multi-reflex tapes, and reflex logo

X-VISION front

6 white led , 3 pockets and multi-reflex tapes

X- VISION rear

red light -3 setting light possibility- reflex logo and adjustables elastic+ ABS slider

X-VISION pocket + controller

Controller and pocket controller position

X-VISION  front pockets

two pockets to store smartphone, Keys or small flexible bottles


BACK BAG - with led and rechargeable battery

Arm band black-red

Arm band with led and rechargeable battery

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